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Be alert & cautious risks involved if you are not using any scale preventative chemicals

  • Hard deposits of scale must have been formed due to untreated hard water.
  • Fuel consumption must have been increased by minimum 30 to 40% due to Scale formation.
  • Life of Boiler of other heating equipment’s must have been reduced to almost fifty percent.
  • Steam must have not been developing up to your requirements.
  • Due to Hot Spots formation, plates of boiler of heating equipment’s may fail at any time.
  • Production must have been effected.
  • Distortion of the boiler plates can take place any time due to unequal heating since Scale formation is not uniform throughout the heating surface.
  • Corrosion and pitting must have become weak due to concentration of Salts on the heating surface.
  • Rivets and Joints of boiler must have become weak due to unequal strains caused due to Non-Uniform Scale information.
  • Risk of Sub-standard quality of production must have been increased.
  • Administrative problems must have been increased.
  • You must be facing frequent factouy’s shed down problems.
  • Steam generation capacity of boiler, must have been reduced because scale is bad conductor of heat.
  • Scale weaken a boiler tube as the temperature of the metal rises, the allowable stress of the material for the temperature decreased until it cannot carry the same pressure. Fig (a) shows the temperature gradient through a clean tube wall and also the film effect on the gas side and water side. Thus the hot side of the tube wall runs at about 3000 F, which is safe. In fig (b) side on the water –side of the tube has caused the hot side to size to 7000 F, which may be near the point of failure for the grade of steel used.

Scale preventive boiler compounds (Alkaline base Chemicals)

2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) is a formulation of scientifically proven agents designed to keep boiler heating surface clean and free of scale. It is a composition of Herbs, Sels from upper Himalyes and chemicals in the precise quantities required for complete treatment of water. With this addition calcium and magnesium salts come out of hard water and get precipitated in the form of sludge. Special additives in 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) breaks this sludge into light, finely divided particles, which are non adherent to water side inface and easily removed with blow down. 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) does not char & decompare under high pressure and temperature conditions and does not have impact on taste or odour to steam.

  • Non Toxic.
  • Easily Fed.
  • Non Corrosive
  • Economical to use.
  • Conventional handing
  • Highly effective at low doseges.
  • Compatible with other chemicals.
  • Prevents and removes deposits.

Removal of Scale

2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) reacts with scale forming salts to form precipitates (sludge) instead of scale. This sludge remains in suspension and do not adhere to the boiler plates and can easily be removed by regular blow down of the boiler water.
Already deposited scales are gently attacked at the same time and are softened to facilitate easy removal at the time of periodical cleaning. Thus eliminating the danger of overheating and subsequent failure or the boiler plates.


Treating with 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) means rendering the Corrosion causing inert gases due to excelled Oxygen absorbing qualities and fixing of the free Corbondioxide. The unwanted gases thus rendered do not carry over to the steam and condensate system. It maintains the correct alkalinity level inside the Boiler.

Steam Purity

Steam generated by 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) treated water does not contain any volatile substances and can be safely used in Sugar Mills, Dairies, Breweries, Hospitals, Textile Mills, Paper Mills, Rubber Industries, Chemicals Industries, Rice, Shellers and various other industrie, where the steam used should be free of impurities and contamination.

Caustic Embrittlement

It is the main problem faced in high pressure boilers. A right quantities of anticaustic embrittlement salts have been added in 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) which takes adequate care to treat the raw water in first place in such away that any chance of caustic embrittlement is totally eliminated.


Presence of slight quantities of oils and grease can be a serious hazard, isnce a thin film on heating surface related heat transfer toconsiderable extent. 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) with its effective colloidal properties, coagulates the undersired oil deposit from adhering to the metal. By the same colloidal action priming can also be avoided.


2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) can be used safely enough on the regular basis since it does not effect any process carried out with steam. It is noncorrosive for Boiler plants and can be handled with no extra preccutions.

Method of treatment

Take the recommended does of 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) in a bucket Add sufficient water (preferably.warm water) and mixit thoroughly till whole the compound is dissolved completely. Add this solution to the feed water tank or a seprate 10 liter drum for inserting into the boiler is described. 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) liquid may be added directly into feed water tank.

Our Speciality

We prepare our 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) compound after testing the feed water on individual basis and supply the chemical accordingly so as to suit the requirements of our customers separately. 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) is manufactured under strict quality control. It softens and dissolves the toughest and hardest scale.


Our 2+1 APO (LAThermo-999) compounds are available both in powder as well in liquid forms in the following Brand names.

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